Complementary Therapy...
Complementary Therapy is not intended to replace medical care or medications, it is to work with existing medical care or provide therapeutic care where there is no medical alternative, or if the medical alternative is not an option.  It is also a wonderful preventative measure, helping to keep you healthy and reduce the impact of stress or illness on your body and mind and can assist in quicker recovery from illness, trauma or intense physical activity.
Complementary Therapy will help to relax both the body and mind, ease stress and tension, helping restore balance within, assisting the body in its own natural self healing process and promoting wellbeing.
Because Complementary Therapies help to restore balance within, working with the nervous system and hormones, it is particularly beneficial for those who suffer with stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, irritability, mood swings and insomnia, as well as most ailments and conditions.  Most conditions, particularly if they are chronic, long standing, will benefit most from regular treatment, ideally starting with treatment once a week for 4-6 weeks, then if you so wish, reducing treatments and then regular maintenance treatments.  This allows the body to rebalance itself without too much time between treatments for the 'badness' to rebuild.  I also treat for injuries and specific problem areas.
...& Me
Between qualifying as a Holistic Massage therapist and commencing training for Sports Massage Therapy in 2009 I experienced drop foot due to nerve impingement for which Holistic Therapies, and myself helped me to regain 90% of the loss.   There was no medical alternative made available to me.
Leading up to and during my Reflexology studies in 2013 I was subjected to intense stress and trauma.  Whilst I was studying and having regular treatments myself I was ‘coping’ with my stressful life but  I had reduced my other complementary therapies and once practice treatments stopped I found myself burnt out resulting in aggravated old injuries and physical and psychological issues due to prolonged stress.  Complementary and Holistic Therapies  have all helped and continue to help me where the medical field have been unable to.
I’m now fitter than ever, more active than ever, back to enjoying activities such as Zumba, Dancing and Yoga and often find I have excess energy!
I will be adding more information to my website over time, I hope you will check back again.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Love & Light